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I am Ana Carolina Estarita Guerrero and I am Immersive Media Designer with an M.F.A. in Animation and Digital Arts from the School of Cinematic Arts of the University of Southern California. In my work I like to present impossible, expanded and unfamiliar space-times through VR/AR, projection mapping, and installation. In my work I also analyze the areas humans inhabit as social creatures: the public space-time, the intimate space-time and the tensions between these external and internal dimensions.


No stranger to collaborative work, I like to use a wide arrange of sources that range from Latin American literature to quantum physics to develop an experimental practice that uses video and animation techniques to test the theories and intuitions formed from previous research.


Since 2017, I make part of the core team of GLAS Animation Festival and in 2019 I joined the festival as a Programmer. My projection mapping and installation work has been shown in multiple shows and festivals included Animafest Zagreb Festival in the Museum of Contemporary Art of Zagreb, Rhythms & Visions/ Expanded live, Getty Unshuttered and in DIG Showcase at Slamdance with Good Girl, a project developed in Collaboration with Tonia Be.


I am always looking forward to new collaborations, so if you have an idea or just want to hang out, just hit me up at





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