Projection Mapping/ Installation/ MixedReality


Circles of Care

Circles of Care is a multimedia immersive installation that explores the subject of care and how acts of care are transformative forces on our environment.


Visitors enter a specially constructed space that is ethereal and changes as the participants move through the installation.


A minimalist sculpture at the center of the space invites the participants to simultaneously interact with the installation to trigger a visual music piece that envelops the participants and the space. The visual music is affected by the hand gestures of the participants and makes of the viewers the “Caretakers” of the piece, which unfolds as a process of growth and decay.


The piece was done using Under the Camera Animation, TouchDesigner, and Arduino.


Ana Carolina Estarita Guerrero - Director, Animator & Developer

Ana Lee - Producer

Raphaël Dargent  (PHAR) - Composer

Giovanni Betancourt - Sound Designer



- Reflection Points | May 2019 | Arts District | Los Angeles, CA



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