ANA CAROLINA ESTARITA Animation/Installation/MixedReality
 In visualizing the social processes characteristic of what Nicolas Bourriaud defined as "Altermodernity", coffee is used as material and symbol. This installation constructs an immersive space, placing the spectator in the middle of the mass production process of coffee. At the same time, this spectator is stepping on the coffee grounds, embedding it into the sole of their shoes, becoming a part of the installation themselves. As time passes, the defined shape in the center of the room starts to smudge as the grounds are tracked outside of the installation and gallery. The coffee is no longer part of a contained piece, traveling, it is dispersed globally, diluted much like the culture where this commodity originates. A collaboration with Evan Tedlock and Zoey Wan Chen Lin. Exhibitions - Lush Machines | May 2017 | University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts Gallery | Los Angeles | California
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