Projection Mapping/ Installation/ MixedReality

Getty Unshuttered II Getty Unshuttered II was an Immersive Projection Exhibit Directed and Curated By Mike Patterson and Candace Reckinger. We used projection mapping in more than 10 buildings and rock fountain at The Getty Center, featuring young photographers. For this edition of the Getty Unshuttered I designed and deployed the projection mapping and file system with Jordan Halsey, playing a fully in Sync event across five main buildings. I did as well created some content for the projections. The Main objective of the Getty Unshuttered event is to highlight the young photographer's works. These can be find in a gallery inside the Getty Center with an exhibit that will be open to the public until September of 2019. With the guidance of Eric Bertelloti, Head of Interpretive Content and Jill Moniz, curator of the exhibit, I built and deployed the projection mapping used in the gallery. Credit: Creative Direction and Event Design: Michael Patterson Producers: Martzi Campos Tecnical Design: Jordan Halsey Ana Carolina Estarita Guerrero Shaoyu Su Animation + Projection Mapping Artists USC School of Cinematic Arts: Cassie Shao Kaley Cho Daniel Ma Jenn Fortnash Sicong Tian Crystal Jow Ankita Panda Mitch McGlocklin Ana Carolina Estarita Guerrero Jake Wang Amir Arzanian Megan Simon Ann Lee Mike Patterson TouchdDesigner Installation Artists USC School of Cinematic Arts: Keshav Prasad Crystal Jow Musical Clock Projection: Eli Ayres Ankita Panda Chun Chun Chang Projection Mapping: Ana Carolina Estarita Guerrero Ankita Panda Projection Arik Perelman + Gear Connection Research: Sean Bouchard Very Special Thanks!! Jarrett Smith - Derivative TouchDesigner Shaoyu Su - Jaunt-USC VR Lab Specialist Tracy Fullerton - USC Games Innovation Lab Arik Pereman - Gear Connection VT Pro Design Location : J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles, CA Date : June 20th, 2018

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