Projection Mapping/ Installation/ MixedReality

Good Girl

Good Girl is a transmedia art installation set in Good Girl Labs where Tonia B****'s lies frozen. Visitors of the labs are guided by a lab technician to use VR to plug into her subconscious and try to reason a diagnosis for the continued study.


Inside the subconscious resides a slew of neural nodes inhabited by performance art personnas representing the different social, political, and cultural demands and desires of American't life.


Tonia Beglari - Director, Generalist

Ana Carolina Estarita Guerrero - Art Director,  Animation + Compositing CG


Symrin Chawla - Director on Set

Sepehr Mashiahof - Composer, Original Music

Cameron Hejna - Sound Design

Satrio Dewantono - Additional Unity Programming

Molly Murphy - Additional 3D Modeling

Jasmine Roashan - Installation Producer, Producer on Set

Bebe Huxley & Love Bailey - Makeup & Styling on Set


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-Oculus NextGen Symposium | April 2018  | Facebook | Menlo Park, CA


-USC Games Expo | May 2018 | University of Southern California | Los Angeles, Ca


-World VR Forum: Education Pavilion | June 2018 | Geneva, Switzerland


-Interactive Digital Stories Track | May 2018 | Madeira, Portugal


-DIG Slamdance | September 2018 | Los Angeles, Ca


- Springbreak Art Show | February 2019 | ROW DTLA | Los Angeles, Ca




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