Projection Mapping/ Installation/ MixedReality

2019 Immersive Media Reel

Projects Listed:


MAAD: AR Installation.

Virtual and Physical Environment design and construction.


DROP: VR Visual Music

Direction and Animation


Variations of Nowhere: VR Installation

Design, animation and construction of VR and Physical space. Sound Design



Good Girl: VR Installation

Design, Animation, Lighting and Rendering of VR.


Proto-Floto: Public Space Installation.

Part of Art Walk Pasadena 2017

Design of structure and sound design.



Pressure Points: Installation.

Design and Construction



Getty Unshuttered: Projection Mapping.

Content creation, assistance on Mapping.


Shifting: Large Screen Projection.

Developed Initially for R&V 3 by commission. Screened at Animafest goes MSU in the Museum of contemporary art of Zagreb.



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