"What is the pattern that connects the crab to the lobster and the orchid to the primrose, and all four of them to me? And me to you?"
-Gregory Bateson
Through the use of mixed reality, projection mapping, film and installation, I create fantastic and eerie landscapes that evoque living systems that respond and change to the presence of the participants.

These living systems that do not remind one of anything in particular, but instead bring to mind a set of commonalities in life, are an exploration of the patterns present in nature: Patterns of symmetry, growth and decay, repetition, rhythm and interconnectedness. Combining traditional collage and under the camera animation techniques with procedurally computer generated motions, I create visuals that resemble augmented living creatures.

The participants that walk into my work find themselves enveloped by a landscape of light and shapes that changes as they move through it, and are reminded that all living systems are ecosystems into themselves.
Visual artist and immersive designer Ana Estarita-Guerrero began her career as one of the most influential young experimental animators in her native Colombia, before being honored in 2016 by the University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts with an International Artist Fellowship. Since graduating from USC, Ana Carolina has had animation and installation work showcased in multiple festivals and exhibitions around the globe. She has also worked on the groundbreaking Content Innovation Team at Sony Music prototyping and designing new ways of experience music, at the Getty Museum as gallery designer, and as part of the creative technology team behind the Hudson Yards project in New York and with Disney Hong Kong’s Sleeping Beauty castle projection mapping.

Her work combines traditional collage and under-the-camera animation techniques with computer generated motion to create 3-d visuals that resemble augmented living creatures. In her installation work, she uses mixed reality, projection mapping, animation and film to conjure fantastic and eerie landscapes that feel alive--responding and changing with the presence of the viewer. 

Legendary Colombian animator and director Cecilia Traslaviña says her animation has “poetic power and evocative capacity, which detonates in all spectators an inner journey.” Grammy-winning director Mike Patterson, says “Ana has inspired and impressed with her artistic and innovative work in immersive media” renowned producer Teresa Cheng (Shrek Forever After, Madagascar) has praised her work as “equally creative and technically astute.”

Ana Carolina’s work has been showcased in Getty Unshuttered 1 & 2 at the Getty Museum in Los Angeles; Animafest Zagreb at the Museum of Contemporary Arts in Zagreb; The Expose Fair at Ottawa Int’l Animation Festival; Rhythms & Visions/Expanded live; ArtScape Baltimore; Supernova Denver; Femmebit; Co-Axial in the Spring/Break Art Fair and the DIG Showcase at Slamdance in Los Angeles.She has also served as festival programmer in the renowned GLAS Animation Festival and the Digital, Interactive and Games track of Slamdance Film Festival. Last fall she collaborated with fellow artists Tonia Be****** and composer/visual artist Anna Luisa Petrisko on her new sci-fi virtual reality opera “The Vibration Group.”

Ana Carolina is currently teaching in the school of film and television at LMU and working on ways to create new immersive environments.
I am always looking for new projects and new experiences to collaborate on. Send me an email any time