In pursuit of...

Diversity is an interactive Immersive Instagram Filter created in response to the invitation of the Getty Unshuttered 2020 motto“In pursuit of”. As an artist who is constantly looking for new challenges and new collaborators, Diversity and Growth are two of the main pillars of my work. The filter places the participant in lushious environment filled with exoctic plants that bloom with color once the user starts recording.

Instagram Filter • Adobe Medium • Spark AR
Experience Designer  •  Animator  •  Programmer
My approach

After receiving the Getty Unshuttered invitation to create content for the motto “In pursuit of” I decided I wanted to make something that allowed users to create their own content. An Instagram filter was an easy and accessible way to achieve that purpose.

I also wanted the Instagram filter to be immersive and allowing the participants to be transported to a location that evoked diversity. After some thought I came up with the idea of a luscious environment full of exotic plants that evoke diversity in both their shape and color.

3d modeling

For the 3D modeling of Diversity I decided to try something new. Instead of using traditional box modeling, I modeled all the plants used (and some other not used) in Adobe Medium, a VR modeling tool. This allowed me to create 3d Models that felt absolutely organic.

To make sure the Polycount of the 3D models worked with Spark AR I used Quad Remesher for C4D to reduce the number of quads of the 3D models and at the same time keeping enough complexity in the edges to make it feel “handmade”.

Modeling in Adobe Medium VR of some un used assets and final Low Poly Bundle of plants.
the animation

The idea behind the animation was to evoque an organic movement and a “bloom” motion.Given that Spark AR only accepts bones and blend shapes based animation, I did all my animation bone based. To reduce the size of the file and guarantee portability between different platforms I did 96 frames based animation sequences that play in loop.

To exacerbate the notion of diversity and bloom, once the user starts recording a video to share, the color of the plants changes through a Spark AR patch sinusoidal curve animation. At the same time the word Diversity unfolds on the top of the frame. Finally, a particle system starts emitting bright particles, creating a festive colorful environment.

Idle Animation & Active Animation
spark ar

One of my biggest objectives was to make a  lightweight filter that felt lucious and complex at the same time. To achieve this effect I placed the participant in the midground of the frame, surrounded by plants in front and behind them. I used segmentation and layering as well as a Simple LUT transition to make sure the user always looked integrated with the plants.

There’s two reasons for not starting the animation in full until recording starts: The first one is to nudge the user to share the filter with their contacts, the second reason is that by causing a big change in the frame during the recording, I hope to catch a candid reaction from the participants.

In Pursuit of Diversity makes part of the Getty Unshuttered 2020 “In Pursuit of” and will be showcased in the official Getty Unshuttered Instagram account.